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Coagulation Hearts Meet Force and Build up Internal Strength New Achievement of NHI Rotary Kiln and Annual Cooler Assembly Speed


Coagulation Hearts Meet Force and Build up Internal Strength

New Achievement of NHI Rotary Kiln and Annual Cooler Assembly Speed

After Fangda Group has legally become the largest shareholder of NHI,the vitality of the staff is fully regenerated, in the assembly work of rotary kiln and ring cooler of 600 thousand tons chromium iron pellet project, the staff showed their skills and realized the new improvement of assembly speed.

Due to the tight schedule, coupled with the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic,the assembly cycle becomes more urgent. For this purpose, NHI held a project thematic meeting to mobilize the deployment. Under the coordination and support of the producing directing center, after working overtime for half a month, the project team successfully completed the assembly task of the project, which also created the fastest internal record to assemble rotary kiln and annual cooler.

Reform Improve Quality and Efficiency

NHI Enter a New Stage of Development

On April 30, 2019, in accordance with the related spirit of the CPC and the State Council on promoting the revitalizationof the northeast and deepening the reform of state-owned enterprises, under the correct leadership and vigorous promotion of Liaoning Provincial Party Committee,provincial government, Shenyang municipal government, NHI successfully completed judicial restructuring and diversified ownership reform, Liaoning Fangda Group became the largest shareholder in accordance with the law, and Northern Heavy Industries Group Co.,Ltd entered a new historical development period.

After the implementation of reform, NHI quickly introduced the Fangda Group's corporate culture of "party building as soul", followed the corporate values of "business management must be beneficial to the government, the enterprise and the employees", led the development of enterprises with the party building culture, adhered to the development of enterprises in accordance with the guidelines and policies of the party and the government, which would help the NHI with deep history and technical accumulation to remove the heavy historical burden and brought back new life an vitality through system reconstruction, culture introduction,mechanism input and capital injection.

Reform Establish New Image

Full Confidence from Customers

Under the full support of Fangda Group, NHI thoroughly solved the difficulties of capital, bank guarantee and other constraints, and cleared the way for "new NHI" to develop the domestic and foreign markets. By means of holding a grand meeting of overseas agents and frequently participating domestic and overseas high-end equipment exhibitions with a new look, NHI showed the new image of "new NHI" toall walks of life, and laid a solid foundation to develop the domestic and foreign markets, consolidate customer relations and explore potential customers. Many domestic and foreign customers have said that Liaoning Fangda Group has brought new ideas, new institutions and new changes to NHI, who is more refreshing.

Facing the changing market environment and customer demand, in order to promote the integration of technology and marketing, after careful consideration and scientific demonstration, NHI decided to cancel the original Sales Corporation, Design and Development Corporationby integrating resources, and restructured into Mining Engineering Technology Company, Metallurgical Engineering Technology Company, Tunnel Engineering Technology Company,Power & Building Materials Engineering Technology Company, Sand Aggregate Engineering Technology Company, Coal Mining Engineering Technology Company, Design and Research Center, Shenyang Electromechanical Research and Design Institute, International Company Division 1 & 2 etc subsidiaries to provide customers with a full range of professional intimate services.

During the negotiation of the rotary kiln and annual cooler of the 600,000-ton chromium iron pellet project, the sales staff fully demonstrated the integrity advantages of grate kiln and annual equipment of the company to the customer, and showed the brand new image of NHI after the reform. With the perseverance tenacity and persistent improving work attitude, the project contract was finally signed.

Reform Stimulates Vitality

Multiplicative Enthusiasm of Front-line Worker

At the beginning of assembly of rotary kiln and annual cooler in the 600,000-ton ferrochrome pellet project, the relevant technicians of NHI took the initiative to discuss the assembly plan to improve the assembly efficiency, and the designer determined the specific package and delivery plan in advance to provide strong guarantee for transportation and on-site installation, meantime identified the key links and arranged special personal to take the work as an important, the production workshop ensured the completion of product assembly within the production cycle and guaranteed the product quality.

For the producing process of this project, the producing directing center set up a special project team and carried out in charge ofthe leadership responsibility system and special product owner responsibility system ,grasped the key of product, paid special attention to the critical parts, exposed problems and resolved them in a timely manner. By holding regular project the matic scheduling meetings, the completion of various work indicators shall be reported once a day and supervised once a week. The production and assembly sequence of parts such as structural parts sub-factory, major and large parts sub-factory, metallurgical power station equipment sub-factory etc have been reasonably arranged to pledge its full support for the delivery time.

The assembly task was undertaken by Jin Zhendong's team of the No.1 assembly workshop of metallurgical power station. In the assembly process, the team leader Jin Zhendong firstly mobilized and worked out a specific method to ensure the completion of the task, secondly performed the implementation of the assembly schedule and made good preparations for the early stage. He arranged the pipe fitting personnel to keep a close eye on the drawings, timely informed the team members to read and analyze the drawings after the drawings reached, find out the key points of installation, and studied the corresponding assemblymethods, prepared and manufactured necessary special tools to ensure the smoothand orderly process of assembly. By studing the drawings, Jin Zhendong’s team also found that the rotary parts of the trolley frame and trolley body need to be equipped with drilling nearly 2000 holes. If the conventional assembly method was applied, it would consume nearly half of the assembly time and difficult to guarantee the normal delivery of products. So, Jin Zhendong called together experienced master workers to study the solutions, continued to use the irbrains to categorize the parts that need to be drilled and assembled in parts,marked the tags and disassembled into small groups, drilled with a magnetic drilling. In this way, the drilling was completed without affecting the assembly of the whole rotary part, saving nearly two thirds of the assembly time. This assembly method laid a foundation for the complete assembly of rotary kiln and annual cooler.

The completion of the assembly task was only one of microcosms of the profound changes in many aspects of NHI. Under the new institutional mechanism of Fangda Group, NHI's enterprise management has been increasingly refined, and its operation efficiency has been greatly improved, and its service ability to the market and customers has been significantly enhanced.

Nowadays, the NHI cadres and staff's thought and action were positively changed, the majority of employees took the initiative to work with high enthusiasm, which condensed the heart and gathered strength, diligently practiced the internal work, stride forward the road to improve the quality and efficiency of the enterprise.