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The induction quenching technology of heat treatment factory has achieved a new breakthrough


Recently, the heat treatment factory received Shanxi Tongcai stacker& reclaimer project wheel body surface quenching production task. The management team of the factory attached great importance to it and immediately deployed and mobilized the formation of a technical research team to analyze the structure of the wheel body and the difficulty of induction quenching.
All factory departments worked together and ensured the orderly production task. The wheel body of the stacker&reclaimer in this project is 5.1 meters in diameter and 5.6 tons in weight. It is composed of inner raceway, sprocket wheel and wheel body frame. The upper and lower raceways are required to have a quenching hardness of 40-45hrc, and the sprocket wheel is required to have a quenching hardness of 45-50hrc. Since the sprocket part of the wheel body is to carry out surface quenching after closing, if the wheel body is tempered, the strength of the high-strength bolt at the closing place and the overall mechanical properties cannot be guaranteed, tempering will cause damage to the overall paint surface of the wheel body. For this reason, the factory set up a technical research team to carry out induction quenching test of the wheel body. After several test adjustments, under different heating power and quenching speed, the appropriate quenching temperature was finally selected and the quenching scheme was determined, so that the runner and sprocket could meet the hardness range of the technical requirements of the drawing.
The maximum medium frequency quenching equipment in the heat treatment factory has a conventional diameter of 4m, while the actual diameter of the wheel body is close to 5.2m. Faced with the problem, the staff of the surface shift in the factory made suggestions one after another, and successfully completed the task of wheel body mounting and clamping through the way of building and extending the support frame. The sprocket part of the wheel body is composed of 210 single teeth. After calculation, the quenching production task of the wheel body can be completed at most one piece per day. In order to catch up with the schedule, team leader Zhang Wei finished the improvement and production of two kinds of special-shaped quench inductor in his rest time. The staff of factory and surface shift stick to the operation site, make use of the rest time at noon and at night, work day and night, try their best to catch up on the progress, and ensure that the project products are completed on time and with good quality.
Through the joint efforts of all departments, the heat treatment factory successfully realized the induction quenching production tasks of 4 sets of wheel bodies, 2 sets of spare parts inner raceway and sprocket wheels. At present, the company is in a critical period, in the face of challenge and pressure, the factory staff al in strict accordance with the "change, work, solid" general requirements, further strengthening the work style, sum up past experience, give full play to the fighting force, make efforts to make contributions to win "Trustworthy Project" .