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New Upgrade of Old Products: NHI Helps Customers Increase Production Capacity


September 22nd (Xinhua) Recently, a barrel mixed reclaimer with a total length of 38.50 meters and a total weight of 99.625 tons was assembled and ready to depart at the west gate of NHI .

This barrel mixed reclaimer is a barrel type mixing and reclaiming product developed and manufactured by NHI based on the actual situation of users on site, with both ends discharging and efficiency doubling. It greatly meets the needs of users to increase production capacity and transform and upgrade.

It is reported that the reclaiming capacity of this equipment has been increased from 1500t/h to 1800t/h, and it also has the characteristics of convenient maintenance and bidirectional discharging. The product adopts a double-layer shell design, and the shell is designed and manufactured in sections and assembled as a whole. This requires very high production capacity, and it is necessary to ensure the concentricity and overall coaxiality of the two layers of shell.

Although the manufacturing difficulty is high, the cycle is long, and the risk is high, its mixing effect will be more than twice that of traditional bridge type double bucket wheel reclaimers, which is more environmentally friendly, efficient, and energy-saving compared to traditional products.

In 2021, NHI successfully delivered two sets barrel type mixing reclaimer to a group in Shandong. After two years of production inspection, all equipment indicators met the design requirements, and the user's on-site feedback was good. In February of this year, the group proposed new product requirements and signed two sets barrel type mixing reclaimer with NHI. After receiving the production task, NHI established a project working group, closely focusing on the delivery date, and working hard to grasp production, speed up progress, and ensure the construction period. The production workshop was closely connected, and more than a hundred people were successively invested in the production and manufacturing of the project.

To ensure the installation sequence and nodes on site, NHI works 24 hours a day without interruption, promptly communicating with the technical department and professional chief engineer to ensure the quality standard requirements for barrel concentricity and end face runout. At the same time, due to the length of the shell being nearly 40 meters and the weight being nearly 100 tons, two sets 50-ton overhead cranes are required to jointly complete the lifting, posing a huge challenge to the lifting technology and tacit understanding of the overhead crane.

It is reported that the second barrel type mixing reclaimer will also be delivered to the user site soon.