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The fully section potassium salt mining machine independently developed by NHI has been successfully transported overseas


September 28th Recently, the solid potassium salt mine full section mining machine independently developed and manufactured by Northern Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "NHI") was successfully put into use.

It is understood that this is a solid potassium salt mining equipment that integrates multiple functions such as full section continuous cutting, shipping, walking, dust elimination, inertial navigation, wireless remote control, etc. The successful development of this equipment marks that NHI has the ability to independently develop and produce solid potassium salt mining machines, and is at the international leading technical level.

This equipment is a mining equipment specially designed and developed by NHI for solid potassium salt mine.In order to successfully complete the design and development tasks, NHIhas arranged technical personnel to conduct on-site research in the mining area multiple times, overcoming unfavorable underground conditions, mastering first-hand data, and relying on technical accumulation in the field of tunnel excavation and coal mining, using big data analysis and digital simulation modeling technology. Through unremitting efforts, technological breakthroughs have been achieved, and the mining efficiency has been improved several times compared to traditional products.

In recent years, NHI has focused on seeking technological and product innovation, and has successively launched high-end equipment that is information-based, intelligent, and green in fields such as mining, metallurgy, tunnel engineering, bulk material transportation and loading and unloading, which has gained widespread recognition in the market.

In the field of mining, NHI has taken the lead in promoting spiral vertical mill equipment on a large scale in China, promoting low-carbon and efficient development of mining production in China; In the field of metallurgy, NHI has the ability to design and manufacture 5.5 meter steel rolling shear lines, pushing the design and manufacturing level of metallurgical equipment in China to a new level, and has the ability to compete with international enterprises; In the field of tunnel engineering, NHI has taken the lead in achieving the practical application of 100% domestically produced shield tunneling machines in China, making new explorations for the complete localization of shield tunneling machine manufacturing in China; In the field of bulk material transportation and loading and unloading, NHI has provided the first automatic mixing system in China for the dam body of the world's tallest dam, the Dadu River Shuangjiangkou Hydropower Station, which is under construction. It has designed and manufactured a bridge type reclaimer with a span of 65 meters.