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Recently, the 2023 Shenyang Emergency Management Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Team position competition and training event was kicked off at Northern Heavy Industries Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as NHI). 14 representative teams from 14 districts and counties (cities) in Shenyang participated in the competition.

For a long time, NHI has implemented the requirements for special investigation and rectification of major accident hazards in the industry and trade industry, formulated the 2023 action plan for special rectification of major accident hazards in enterprises, further compacted the main responsibility of safety production through special actions, promoted the standardization construction of safety production, fundamentally eliminated accident hazards, fundamentally solved prominent problems, and ensured the reduction of the number of production safety accidents in the company no serious injuries or work & death accidents occurred.??

During this year's "Safety Production Month", the heads of various units of NHI strictly implemented the responsibility of the "first responsible person" for safety production and carried out the "Safety Commitment Fulfillment" activity for the responsible person; Carry out the "I Know the Risks of Various Hazardous Operations" activity; Safety management personnel at all levels regularly go deep into the production and operation site to carry out hidden danger investigation work.??

At the same time, trace the source of major and above safety hazards, trace the causes and relevant responsible persons throughout the entire chain of risk formation, risk management, hazard formation, and hazard management, treat major hazards as accidents, and strictly follow the principle of " Be merciless in four directions " for handling.??

In response to the key and difficult issues in the company's safety production in this professional field, the NHI Safety Committee has formulated countermeasures and strengthened departmental linkage, carried out various special safety inspections, and systematically solved relevant safety issues.??

On the basis of strictly implementing the safety management system, NHI also vigorously creates a safety culture atmosphere, allowing employees to shift from passive acceptance to proactive requirements. By organizing emergency science popularization "Five Ones" and "Safety and Health Cup" award-winning knowledge quizzes and other activities, we aim to create a good safety culture atmosphere and enhance employees' awareness of safety production.??