NHI Headlines

NHI strengthens international exchange and cooperation, expands international "circle of friends"


Since the beginning of this year, NHI's Portal Scraper Reclaimer, Blending Reclaimer, Heavy-duty Apron Feeder and other products have been continuously put into the overseas market, and the orders ushered in continuous growth. From January to July, the overseas orders of NHI achieved a 294% year-on-year increase, and the international market showed a good development trend.

Not long ago, NHI signed a set of 5500mm shearing equipment with a overseas customer, the products include rolling cutting head shear, double side trim shear, roll cutting slitting shear and rolling divided shear. This is the largest shearing equipment independently developed by NHI, and also the largest shearing equipment in China. It is also the first time that NHI's shearing equipment has been sold to foreign markets, expanding its international market reputation, established a new image for company's developed.

The signing of orders not only benefits from the continuous application of new technologies, but also from the exchange platform of international exhibitions. This year, NHI has participated in international equipment exhibitions in Russia, Iran and other countries, signed strategic cooperation agreements with well-known companies from multiple countries, provided support for the joint development of related projects in key cooperation areas, and achieved strong alliances in terms of industry complementarity, country complementarity, project complementarity, etc. to promote mutual benefit and win-win cooperation and common development.

International exchanges have brought new business opportunities to NHI. In the first half of the year, NHI provided mining, metallurgy, bulk material handling equipment etc. to Eritrea, Angola, Algeria, Uzbekistan and other countries, high-tech flagship products have been repeatedly recognized by the international market.

In July, the Foreign Affairs Office of the Shenyang Municipal Government awarded the title of “Shenyang International Exchange Demonstration Base” to NHI, which will provide a new development platform for its international exchange and cooperation. “We will continue to broaden channels and continuously strengthen international exchanges and cooperation to help build 'International Shenyang'. At the same time, we will further strengthen the development of the international market and deeply integrate into the co-construction of 'the Belt and Road Initiative'.” Wang Hongwei, Secretary of the Party Committee of NHI said.