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Sintering and pelletizing complete set of equipments

With the unprecedented development of steel markets at home and abroad, the market demand for raw materials for blast furnace has increased rapidly. With the development of the burden proportioning structure of the blast furnace, in addition to the substantial increase in the demand for sintering raw materials, the demand for pellet raw materials and pellets also increased significantly.
Since the first 18m2 sintering machine was manufactured in 1954, NHI has designed and manufactured complete sets of equipment for sintering pellets for decades. In the 1990s, our company and Hitachi Zosen of Japan jointly designed and manufactured 2 sets of 450m2 straight-line sintering machines and auxiliary machines at Shanghai Baosteel. Since then, based on the advanced technology, we have continuously provided sintering pellet equipment for major steel enterprises in China and established our leading position in this area.
2.Composition of complete equipment
According to sintering production process, NHI mainly produces cylinder mixer, sintering machine, single-tooth roller crusher, sintering annular cooler and auxiliary equipment and other sintering process equipment.
According to pellet production process, NHI mainly produces pellet process equipment such as drum dryer, wet mill, disc pelletizer, grate, rotary kiln, pellet annular cooler and auxiliary equipment.      
3.Technical features and advantages
NHI can design and manufacture complete sets of equipment with a professional level of sintering process line of more than 600m2 and pelletizing process line with an annual output of 5 million tons.
As a professional manufacturer of sintering equipment, NHI has the ability to independently design and manufacture the main non-standard equipment such as cylinder mixer/granulator, sintering machine, single-tooth roller crusher, sintering annular cooler, etc., and all of them have advanced and above level, such as the 660m2 straight-line sintering machine manufactured by Taigang, 650m2 new liquid-sealed sintering annular cooler manufactured by Shangang, Nissan and Fengnan Iron and Steel Φ 5.1m cylinder mixer, etc.
In 2013, NHI contracted Iran's Khorasan pellet project with an annual output of 2.5 million tons, becoming the first manufacturer in China that has both EPC experience of indurating machine production line and the independent design and manufacturing capability of indurating machine complete equipment.
Iran Khorasan 2.5 MTPA Pellet Plant EPC Project